blizzagiaIn a new game play video for Tri Force Heroes by GameXplain, a cooperative boss fight against the boss Blizzagia was shown. In the video three heroes are shown working together to do lots of damage to the boss, with one of them having fireballs. As there was ice everywhere it was cold, so the Links befittingly wore winter outfits to protect themselves from the cold. They were shown using hammers to inflict harm on the enemy and they managed to strip off the enemies icy layer after doing a significant amount of damage.

You can check out the footage yourself after the jump!

Its great to see some more footage of Tri Force Heroes as the release date draws nearer. This was not the next Zelda game everyone was expecting for the 3DS, but it certainly looks both fun and interesting. So what did you think of the boss battle, and do you think you will buy Tri Force Heroes? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.

Source: YouTube (via: GoNintendo)

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