The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Link is gay. Now, generally, there is nothing wrong with being gay. In fact, Link’s character being gay may even excite the people that run our local affiliate site Legend of So, is it really all bad? Gay is often frowned upon in society, but there are entire communities of gay gamers out there. I remember the outrage when Dumbledore, a beloved character in the Harry Potter book series, was announced to be gay. Well, Link sir, while you may never admit it…. here are 5 reasons that you are, assuredly gay.

05: Excuuuuuuuuse Me Princess

We all know this line, made famous by the gloriously awful Zelda Cartoon series. It may be one of the most famous lines in all of gaming that didn’t actually occur in a game. It’s also one of the “gayest” phrases ever created. From the way it is said to the use of the words, I am not sure anything can be more homophobic.

04: The Glitches Point to Severe Gayness

Maybe it’s a tribal dance. Maybe it’s just some programmers having fun. Maybe… it’s just totally gay. This dance may well be even more homophobic than the dances done by every character in World of Warcraft.

03: The Way Link Looks at the Wizard

I am not even sure this needs commentary. Gay.

02: Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask did a lot of things that most didn’t notice when playing. Most notably Link showing his “gay” side.

01: Link Says He is Gay

There you have it. He has had “a lot” of gay sex. It’s official, Link is gay.

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