Ganon, or Ganondorf -depending on which game you’re playing – is by far the most memorable villain in the entire Legend of Zelda franchise. He follows the trend of being incredibly nasty in both plot and gameplay

, offering one of the most satisfying fights in the entire series. His evolution from pig-faced pixel beast into the monstrous, powerful King of Darkness that we face in the more recent titles makes him a rather interesting character. I’d like to think that his ability to worm out of the Sage’s seal was due to more than a creativity drought on the part of Miyamoto. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

411 Mania has Ganondorf listed as #5 on their top 10 Video Game Villains list. While I don’t disagree with the placement of Ganondorf, it does seem odd that Bowser only chimes in at #10. We all needed another list to tell us what is the best right? That’s what I thought! You can check out the rest of the list over at 411 Mania.

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