Top 10 Video Game Myths

The folks over at GameFAQs have composed a list of the top ten videogame myths of all-time. A certain little mystery from one of the Zelda series’ most beloved games made the cut. Can you guess what it is?

Oh, c’mon! I thought it was obvious! Surely you knew that the certain little mystery was none other than the whole “obtaining the Triforce” deal from Ocarina of Time. Even years and years after the game’s release, people were still running across Hyrule digging through bushes, beating Ganon dozens of times in a row, and pressing absurd button combinations in hopes of somehow stumbling upon the mythical Triforce. And, of course, their efforts were to no avail—it was never found. Not to say that this has diminished anyone’s hopes of ever finding it—I’m about 90% sure there are still people out there searching away in between re-run episodes of the X-Files.

And while those guys are out doing that, I’ll be on a much nobler quest: trying to find some fun in Twilight Princess.

I kid! Instead of killing me, go catch the rest of the list and see what GameFAQs had to say about the Triforce myth here. Happy reading!

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