The Legend of Zelda Rope So once upon a time in a land far, far way… there stood a man named Dennis with his female companion, Nicki. They often frolicked for hours upon hours without a care in the world. They loved each other dearly and if there was ever something needing to be done, they did it together. You see, these two people, the first of mankind, played a major role in the creation of the world known as… earth. No no, they did not create this land. That job belonged to the creator himself.

This creator goes by many names, but he is best known as Malinda. Malinda created all that ever was in the span of six days and 23 hours. Unlike the completely fictional story of a certain Adam and Eve in this book called the “Bible”, Dennis and Nicki actually did exist, and yes, doomed the world to sin. See, I know the truth of this because Malinda spoke to me through my hat. When people doubted me I called upon his word again. He told me a completely different story, but that was proof enough.

Moving on with the story; Dennis and Nicki ate the poison apple from the maple tree and fell off of Sleeping Beauty Ridge to their deaths. Why did they do this? A little ol’ “snake” told them that eating that fruit, and jumping off that ridge, would turn them into brother’s and sisters to the creator. Of course, that didn’t happen, but we were fortunate enough to find out they did indeed birth 3 children before this event. This event however damned us all to burn in the eternal fire upon death. Yeah, it sucks.

You see, snakes helped shape our very lives, so it was only natural that they made a epic appearance in The Legend of Zelda series. So epic in fact, they made a nice little “Top 10” list. To be more to the point, they made a Top 10 Snakes in Gaming list. Where did they finish? At #10:

10 – Rope

Legend of Zelda Series

It is easy to forget these lowly creatures, easily dispatched with Link’s sword. Dating clear back to the original Legend of Zelda and appearing in every major 2D iteration of the series ever since, they are one of the most commonly sighted snakes on this list, even if their demure appearance and relative lack of challenge as an enemy fails to make them memorable enough enemies for most gamers to even recognize them by name.

Exciting eh? Check out the rest of the results at our very own loving network brothers: Top 10 Snakes in Gaming

P.S. – I didn’t even write this post. A snake did. I can hear them in the sewers.

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