After another couple weeks it’s naturally time to unveil ZI’s next 10 entries in the Top 100 Moments in Zelda. Keep in mind all of these entries were nominated by fans in our forums, and have been narrowed down and listed in an arbitrary manner based on a number of factors, among them of course being personal preference. Has your personal favorites made the list yet? Are you holding out hope that your favorites are further down the list?

#80: Facial Expressions – The Wind Waker

Above is one of many of the facial expressions in The Wind Waker. Of all the things Cel-Shading brought to that game, it was the facial expressions that really stood out. You could always tell what mood Link was in based solely how how his face presented itself. Be it shock, sadness, or even fear as he his launched out of a catapult of sorts, you could always understand and appreciate what he was going through. His facial expressions will forever be etched into our memory banks at ZI as one of the greatest features The Wind Waker really highlighted.

#79: Link Unfreezes Hyrule Castle By Pulling The Master Sword – The Wind Waker

This is yet another moment in The Wind Waker that truly captures some of the imagination of the designers. At first you’re simply mystified at what you are looking at, unsure as to why things are the way they are. As your exploring you eventually find the Master Sword waiting to get pulled like many of us have done oh so many times in other games. This time, however, it unfreezes the world and brings everything to life, something we had previously never experienced before. A truly unique and shocking moment.

#78: Interloper Cutscene – Twilight Princess

This is one of the most discussed cutscenes in all of Zelda. The exact meaning is often debated, and many fans can’t even grasp what the point of this scene truly implies, especially since the main story is completely understandable without it’s inclusion. It seems more like a flash back in terms of comparing itself to the dark tone that was presented in Majora’s Mask. The interloper story is one we hope to see further fleshed out in a future title. Who knows, maybe Skyward Sword will shed some light on the matter.

#77: Midna Uses the Fused Shadow to Break into Hyrule Castle – Twilight Princess

In a rather stunning moment, Midna transforms into a spider-like being and breaks through the barrier that was put around Hyrule Castle. It’s the first time we truly see what the power of the Fused Shadow could really do, as previously in the game Midna was tossed around like a rag doll by Zant when she initially acquired all of the fused shadow pieces.

#76: Ganondorf Crushes the Fused Shadow – Twilight Princess

This is actually a rather sad moment when you think about it. Midna clashes one on one with Ganondorf behind the scenes, and as the castle falls it’s Ganondorf that emerges with the Fused Shadow in hand. He easily crushes it under the might of one fist. The fact the Fused Shadow was so easily destroyed by Ganondorf was shocking enough, but then you start wonder if Midna herself had been killed. After all, we had never seen Midna at that point without part of the top of the fused shadow on her.

#75: I AM ERROR – The Adventure of Link

Error has become one of the most iconic side characters in all of Zelda simply because of his all too epic name. Some still think it was a mistake in coding, but rest assured that Error is actually his name. The Adventure of Link really packs a ton of neat things in it if one takes the time to break it down (or, you know, actually play the game). I am happy to report that my friend Error has now officially made the list.

#74: Ending Credits – Twilight Princess

Honestly, the ending itself is shocking, and then the game just kicks right into an epic music tune as it begins to fan over the world you just saved. It does a great job at conveying all the memories you formed during your quest, and provides enough entertainment value to actually warrant watching the entire credits at least once. Oh, and to cap it all of your rewarded be seeing the true end if you stick it out. Midna shocks the player by vanishing back to the twilight realm, breaking the only entry point left in the known world in the process. Thus, Link will never again see his friend Midna again. That is, of course, until Nintendo retcons the entire event in a future game.

#73: Learning the Song of Passing – The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker is full of wacky characters, but it’s hard to top Tott the dancer. In trying to remember a song that he specifically (and conveniently) remembers the dance for, Link gets it on with his super magical baton. It’s a rather small but comedic moment in the game that teaches Link a song where he can turn night into day… and day into night. Always important in games that have night and day specific events.

#72: Ganondorf’s Execution – Twilight Princess

This was a real telling event. It’s when Ganondorf discovers he is “part” of the triforce, meanwhile the sages have to resort to some last minute measures to try and save the world from an evil of which they cannot kill. This is really the most badass I think I have ever seen Ganondorf be, yet at the same time I am left wondering how he wasn’t even aware of his power. I mean, he’s had the power before right?

#71: Happy Mask Salesman Chokes Link – Majora’s Mask

You shouldn’t have done that…


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