It’s been a couple of weeks, but here we are with part two of our 10 part series listing the top 100 moments in Zelda based on fan nominations. The list has been narrowed down and listed in an arbitrary order based on several factors, among them are some personal preferences as well as some outside input.

#90: Killing Sakon – Majora’s Mask

This actually comes as one of the most shocking things we have seen in Zelda to date. We’ve killed plenty of monsters and seen hundreds of glitches, but one where you can literally “blow up” and remove Sakon from existence is definitely a surprise. I’m fairly certain this wasn’t intended, and if it was then Majora’s Mask should of never been rated E.

#89: Playing as Kafei – Majora’s Mask

This part of the Anju and Kafei quest chain really takes you by surprise as this mechanic of playing as another character has never existed in Zelda before. Controlling two characters was great, and it was pretty neat seeing some great teamwork in action.

#88: Anju and Mother Spying Cutscene – Majora’s Mask

It’s no secret the entire quest chain for Anju and Kafei is arguably one of the best side quests in all of gaming, but this little nugget is actually a “somewhat” hidden cutscene that often gets overlooked. You can spy on them in the Inn after a certain part in the chain to hear Anju’s Mother attempt to be a strong women and teach her girl a lesson, which is understandable all things considered. Many of us have been through similar scolding and arguments with our own parents.

#87: Origin of Hearts in Snowpeak Ruins – Twilight Princess

This is one of the most touching moments in Twilight Princess, a true showing that love conquers all. I never fully understood why the female Yeti’s are so much smaller than the males, but that doesn’t really matter. I shed a tear the first time I experienced this scene.

#86: Armogohma Joke Death – Twilight Princess

This scene was pretty hilarious. Que the music for victory, get ready to flip the sword, then suddenly freeze as Armogohma isn’t quite dead yet. It was certainly surprisingly in a refreshingly funny sort of manner, and Link’s expression is priceless.

#85: Entering the Temple of Time – Twilight Princess

The big deal with this moment is all nostalgia based. You step in, the music fires up, and it’s like you’re truly in a flash back. It appears to be exactly what Nintendo wanted you to feel like upon entering, and it’s one of those rare moments in Twilight Princess that really made my jaw drop.

#84: Agahnim Reveals Himself as Ganon – A Link to the Past

This was rather shocking back in the day. We think we’re about to complete the game and… boom here is Ganon. It’s a little ironic this moment makes the game when something similar happened in Twilight Princess… yet it’s deemed one of the worst things to happen to the game. Well, time moves on. Come to think of it, Twilight Princess itself resembles ALttP a lot more than OoT. Oh wait, where were we?

#83: The Creation of Hyrule – Ocarina of Time

This is one of the most important scenes in all of Zelda when it comes to history. While it’s unclear if this is really how Hyrule was formed (Skyward Sword could retcon it), it’s at least the story that the people believe. It’s also a pretty epic cutscene in it’s own right, as it shows the raw creation of the world and the triforce.

#82: Link Gets Shot out of a Cannon – Twilight Princess

This scene is mostly memorable because it totally reminds me of Star Wars. I’m not entirely sure Nintendo didn’t actually intend it to be that way, since there really was no reason for it to get up and walk to begin with.

#81: Dancing Redeads – Majora’s Mask

This is one of the funnier moments in Majora’s Mask. It takes one of the scariest enemies in Zelda history and totally makes it into a hilarious joke, Most of the time stuff like this is what you see when fans take the models from a game and create their own work, but these dancing Redeads actually come straight from the original design of the game. Always good for some pure enjoyment. I need to learn how to twirl just like they do!


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