We tend to see these lists quite often, which are often done by fans at message boards, in the comments of news posts, by websites, or by gaming magazines and they usually are all fairly the same. Most lists of top Zelda games always have to have the 3d console Zelda titles just near the top, with most lists having all 4 3d console Zelda titles usually in the top 5.

The guys over at Zelda Informer spent the past 8 months putting together their sites view of what the top 5 Zelda titles are. If you are even remotely familiar with Zelda Informer, you could see from a mile away what topped the list… and no it is not Ocarina of Time. The list is done in video format and you can watch it below.

Props to them for not sticking Twilight Princess or Spirit Tracks on the list as I thought they might have done. Let us know what you thought about their list and what your list top 5 list would be like.

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