Hey there, guys! Long time no see, eh?  I haven’t made an editorial in quite a while, and I’ve felt pretty bad about that.  So sorry!  But I’m here now, so let’s get to it! Majora’s Mask 3D is releasing Spring 2015, that’s only a few months away.  So what better way to commend to the glorious remake, than to write an editorial about it? When you think of Majora’s Mask, what do you think of? The adventure?  The characters?  Or (hidden in plain sight) the masks?  We’re going to look through all the some of the best masks in the game. Ones that are ‘Most-useful’, to say the least. Press the Jump to start.

Of course, we need to start the list with a pretty iconic mask.  Now, none of these are in particular order, these are only the top 5.  All of them are equally great in their own way.  Now, let’s jump right in!


Bunny Hood

Now, of course you knew this would be somewhere on the list, right?  Well, we’re going to start it off with this ‘mask’!  The Bunny Hood is obtained by helping the owner of the Cucco Shack in Romani Ranch, Grog, fulfill his wish of seeing his Cucco chicks grow into Adult-Cucco.  Using the Bremen Mask, Link gathers all (10) Cucco chicks whilst marching to the song Link plays with the Ocarina of Time.  As the Cucco chicks follow him (so long as all 10 are there), they will begin to grow into Adult-Cucco one-by-one.  Once all the Cucco chicks have grown into Adult-Cucco, Grog rewards you with the Bunny Hood.  The Bunny Hood is, without a doubt, one of the most useful masks in the entire game; as it greatly increases your speed and jumping distance.  This makes traveling Termina a breeze.  The Bunny Hood is not only a very iconic ‘mask’, but is also an optional mask you should NOT set aside.


Stone Mask

Having trouble with the pesky enemies of Termina?  No problem!  When wearing the Stone Mask, you become practically invisible to almost every enemy.  This especially comes in handy when traversing through the Pirates’ Fortress. where, in the likelihood of being seen by a guard, you’ll be thrown in jail; similar to Ocarina of Time’s ‘Gerudo Fortress’.  Now, there are a select few that are not affected by this mask.  Those being Bosses, Mini-Bosses, and a few other enemies such as: Redeads, Octoroks, Dinolfos, etc.  Gaining the Stone Mask is simple.  Using the Lens of Truth in Ikana Canyon, you’ll discover the ghost of a soldier, Shiro.  After listening to his story, Shiro requests you retrieve cure for him.  To do so, you must gain a Red Potion, and bring it back to Shiro.  Once he’s obtained his potion, he will give you a mask in return: The Stone Mask.  As short as this sidequest is, this is not a mask you want to pass up.  Sure, it’s very possible to complete the game without it.  Many people have.  But locations like Pirates’ Fortress will be a breeze when none of the guards even acknowledge your presence.



Great Fairy Mask

This mask is hard to miss, but at the same time, easy to if you’re trying to blaze through the game.  The Great Fairy serves a great purpose for an optional quest, as it acts as not only a beacon, but a magnet to any Stray Fairy near you.  This can prove to be quite useful in situations, such as hard-to-reach areas.  The mask makes it so you only need to get near the fairy.  The mask will do the rest!  This makes it exceptionally easy to gain all Stray Fairies in Stone Tower Temple, in order to obtain the Great Fairy Sword; one of the, if not most, powerful weapons in the game.  In order to obtain this mask, you must speak to the Great Fairy in Clock Town at least once in order to gain the Magic Meter; which is required to progress through the game.  Once that’s done, and you’ve obtained the Deku Mask and you’ve returned to Link’s regular self, you may go speak to the Great Fairy again.  She will repeat what she had requested before: to gather the missing Stray Fairy.  Once you’ve returned the Stray Fairy, you will gain, not a Magic Meter, but The Great Fairy Mask.  This mask isn’t required to beat the game, as is most of the others, but it makes getting handy items, weapons and upgrades a breeze.



Romani Mask

Although this may not be the MOST useful, it certainly is a great deal of help if you’re looking to get everything possible.  The Romani Mask can serve it’s purpose by allowing Link to enter the members-only Milk Bar.  Wearing the Romani Mask will signify to the members of the Milk Bar that you are, in fact, a member AND an ‘adult’; thus making it possible to enter.  This can come in handy when trying to obtain things such as the Circus Leader’s Mask, a bottle of Chateau Romani, or even an extra bottle.  Obtaining this mask can prove to be quite a lengthy quest, as it’s part of the Romani and Cremia Sidequests.  After completing the first Romani and Cremia Sidequest on the First Day; The Ghost Invasion, Link must go to Romani Ranch before 6:00 PM on the Second Day.  Cremia will ask if you’d like to take a ride with her into town as she makes a delivery to the Milk Bar.  Soon after, you’ll find that the normal route to Clock Town is blocked by a boulder, in which you must take a different route through ‘ugly country’.  When on this route, Link must defend Cremia and the wagon by using his Bow and Arrow to fend off Bandits.  If successful (if Link has at least one bottle of milk left), Cremia will successfully deliver the milk to the Milk Bar, and she will reward Link the the Romani Mask.  As stated by the Happy Mask Salesman, the Romani Mask is a ‘sentimental mask’, which turns out to be true for Cremia, seeing as she promises to make Romani her own mask knowing that her little sister has finally become an adult.  It’s quite a lengthy quest, seeing as you’re required to complete the first sidequest before the game even allows you to complete this one.  Just make sure you don’t screw up!  That Ghost Invasion is a real pain sometimes…



The 3-Main Masks

Now, these are pretty obvious, but I have to put it in the list somewhere. They are 3 separate items, but they, in essence, serve the same purpose. Why not finish it off with the most important masks in the game?  Let’s break it down into columns.


Deku Mask

The Deku Mask is known among many, seeing as it’s the first form you take when starting the game for the first time (after the intro-scenes), and the only form you maintain for a while.  In the beginning of the game, Skull Kid steals not only the Ocarina of Time, but Link’s horse; Epona, as well.  Chasing after Skull Kid, Link finds himself falling down, get this, a Tree.  Once he lands, you learn that Skull Kid has not only disposed of Epona (not killed, just moved elsewhere in Termina), but has also turned you into a Deku Scrub.  Once this cinematic is over, and you’ve spoken to the Happy Mask Salesman and left the Clock Tower, you must now find a way to remove the ‘curse’ in 3 Days.  Being nothing but the former shell of a Deku Scrub, Link has newly-found abilities, such as being able to hop on water (a limited amount of times), using a Spin Attack (which isn’t exactly your average spin attack from Link), being able to shoot Bubbles using magic, etc.  Although you can’t return to normal at the moment, you will be able to soon; after you’ve gathered a few things.  Of course, you start on the First Day, so you have a little bit to figure things out.  After 3 Days have passed, and you’ve taken care of everything you’ve needed to (gaining the Magic Meter, acquiring the Land Title Deed, etc) you can retrieve the Ocarina of Time by facing Skull Kid; but not doing battle against him (yet, anyways).  It’s as simple as shooting him with one of your ‘Bubbles’.  As it startles Skull Kid, he’ll drop the Ocarina of Time, and you can retrieve it from there.  Once retrieved, Link plays the Song of Time, and goes back to the First Day with the Ocarina of Time in hand.  You find yourself in the Clock Tower once more with the Happy Mask Salesman, who will teach you the Song of Healing (crucial to almost every part of the game).  Once played, Link returns to normal and all that’s left of his Deku-form is a mask.  Using this Deku Mask, you can transform from Normal-Link to Deku Link at will.  This proves to be exceptionally useful throughout the game, and is required to begin your adventure.



Goron Mask

The Goron Mask is (as is the other two) required to beat the game, though it’s fun to use elsewhere, too!  The Goron Mask contains the spirit of Goron-Hero; Darmani, and is obtained by putting his soul to rest.  In the Mountain Village, you’ll find Kaepora Gaebora waiting for you near a cliff with a cave, far on the other side.  He will begin to fly towards there, leaving a trail of feathers, revealing an invisible pathway.  Once across, inside the cave you’ll find the Lens of Truth, which you’ll need to find your way back to the other side.  Once on the other side, you’ll find his spirit waiting for you.  From there, the spirit will lead you to where your next objective is, and you have to follow him.  Once you’ve made it to him, you must climb a frozen waterfall, which with the Lens of Truth, is easy considering there’s invisible ‘ladders’ leading up to it.  Once up, you can enter the local graveyard.  Upon entering, you’ll find Darmani’s grave, with his spirit floating above it (whilst using the Lens of Truth).  Upon meeting him (or rather, his spirit) he tells you that he is the Goron Tribe’s Hero, and died trying to stop the monster causing the harsh winter that threatened his people. On his way, he had been pushed into a ravine by a blizzard, and perished by the jagged rocks below.  He’s now full of regret and sorrow for his people, as what he did for trying to save his people, caused the end of his life.  Link must play the Song of Healing for Darmani to let go of his regrets, and finally put his soul to ease.  Shortly after, as his soul is finally put to rest, the result of doing so is the Goron Mask, to which you can turn into a Goron, and back to a normal at will.  This allows Link to gain the strength and mobility of a Goron, such as attacking with his fists, and rolling around (at the speed of sound!).  Again, this is crucial for progressing through the game, and is required to complete Snowhead Temple.  Also, it’s super fun to just roll around Termina with this!  So long as you don’t hit a measly fence.



Zora Mask

This one is pretty short.  Once you’ve saved Epona, you can enter Great Bay, to which upon entering, a pretty lengthy cinematic will play and will show Zora Guitarist/Zoran Hero; Mikau floating in the water, ‘injured’. Link swims towards Mikau, and drags him back to shore. It’s explained that Mikau had gone to Pirates’ Fortress to get back The Indigo-Go’s (Mikau’s Band) Lead Singer, Lulu’s, eggs from which were stolen from her.  Due to the injuries he had received, he got back none of the eggs, and simply washed back down to Great Bay.  After getting back to shore, Mikau plays a song to Link, requesting he assist Lulu in getting her voice back.  Shortly after, Link plays the Song of Healing, putting Mikau to rest.  And in result, Link obtains The Zora Mask.  When Link puts the Zora Mask on, he seems to take appearance of Mikau.  Mikau’s spirit appears shortly after to sing Link his farewell songs, to carve them on his grave; We The Zora and Zora Fight Song.  The Zora Mask allows Link to swim freely underwater like a Zora, and allows him to pull-off spins and attacks underwater he wouldn’t have been able to perform otherwise.  The Zora Mask is needed to complete Great Bay Temple, and like the others, required to complete the game.  Also, this mask makes it EXTREMELY fun to swim with!  It’s quite addicting, to say the very least…

Zora Link Transformation

And, as I won’t be adding it to this ‘Top 5’, I’d like to give this honorable mention.


Fierce Deity’s Mask


I won’t go into much detail, but the Fierce Deity’s Mask is, without a doubt, the most powerful mask in the game.  And, though it proves to be extremely useful, it’s only available in Boss Fights. To obtain the mask, you must have already obtained all the masks in the game (aside from the Fierce Deity’s Mask) before going to fight Majora.  When Inside the Moon, you’ll find the Children of the Moon.  You must trade all twenty non-transformable masks to the four children.  Once done, talking to the child wearing the Majora’s Mask will enable the child to give you the Fierce Deity’s Mask, in which the child states that now the two of them can ‘play’ together.  It’s said that the Fierce Deity’s Mask contains all the traits of the masks before it, that were traded away in order to gain the Fierce Deity’s Mask.  This mask is an honorable mention, as, even though it’s insanely-powerful, can only be used in Boss Fights you’ve already completed.  And that’s okay.  The game would become absolutely nothing but a breeze if you were able to transform into it whenever you want, right?  Even though it’s an honorable mention, it still remains to be the strongest mask in the entire game.



Now, I know what you’re going to say: “But Liam, this isn’t a walkthrough!”.  You’d be correct, but there are certain things needed to be explained for those who haven’t played the game to understand it completely. So I’d like to apologize if it seems that way.  I’d just like it if everyone was able to fully, or at least, mostly acknowledge the content here!  I hope to also get more editorials out for you guys soon.  So any suggestions would be appreciated!

So, what do you think? Do you agree with this list? Or do you have something else in mind?  What are your thoughts on all these masks, including the Fierce Deity’s Mask? And, as an extra question, are you guys hyped for Majora’s Mask 3D?  Sound off in the comments!  And Happy Holidays from Zelda Dungeon!

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