Top 10 twists in The Legend of Zelda

triforceYou may remember I recently posted a video I made of my top five fun things to do in Majora’s Mask when you should be worrying about Termina. Most of you seemed to like the video and, from your suggestions of other fun things to do, there are some entertaining glitches to perform. Being able to become the Fierce Deity anywhere was a popular one and, I have to say, it does look fun so I might have to give it a try. One of the other people involved in the channel, Justin, is also a huge Legend of Zelda fan and last year we did several videos counting down our top 20 tracks from the Zelda series. Now, almost exactly a year later, we decided to do another Zelda related countdown, this time for our top 10 twists.

Take the jump to see what we chose!

Of course, as we are going through our top 10 twists there will be some major spoilers along the way (though nothing from A Link Between Worlds as neither of us have played it…yet!) so consider yourselves warned!

What did you think of our choices? What twists would be in your top 10? Tell us all in the comments below. (Though please try to keep it A Link Between Worlds spoiler free zone for those that haven’t played it!

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