Top 10 Annoying Zelda Enemies

Top 10 Worst EnemiesIn a recent video by Jonny Nitpick he listed what he believed to be the ten most annoying Zelda enemies of all time. This list includes both 2D and 3D Zelda games, with most of them being reoccurring enemies. I feel that if he wanted to he could easily make a top twenty most annoying enemies as there are quite a few annoying ones in the Zelda franchise.


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Here are the top most annoying Zelda enemies in Jonny Nitpick’s opinion:
1. Keese
2. Like Likes
3. Technoblins
4. ReDeads
5. Wizzrobes
6. Leevers
7. Wallmasters
8. Beamos
9. Iron Knuckles
10. Miniblins

Check out his video to see the reasoning behind these points. I agree with a lot of his points and would place many of them on my list, but probably in a different order (the Miniblins would be higher up for sure).

What did you think of Jonny Nitpick’s list of most annoying enemies? Drop a comment below sharing your opinion.

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