A whole crapton of gameplay footage just popped up on Nintendo’s Pandora’s Tower site, showing off exploration gameplay as well as battle techniques using multiple weapons. Someone uploaded the whole thing on Youtube so we can watch it all in one continuous stream. Rescue the girl from an evil curse? Fight off demons in an evil tower with a sword? Use a chain to climb up to higher areas? Pandora’s Tower is starting to look and sound an awful lot like a Zelda title.

With the relatively bleak release calendar for Wii this year, it’d be nice if this turns out to be one of the bones Nintendo throws us here in the States. Unfortunately given that it’s an RPG and involves copious amounts of ripping off demon flesh and consuming it I somehow can’t see it happening – when was the last time Nintendo of America actually brought over a Wii RPG title? Perhaps Nintendo will do what they’re doing with Xenoblade Chronicles and put out feelers for reception in Europe first – as a smaller market, their chances of terribly overshooting demand are relatively lower than here in the U.S. Either way, it’s really important for games like this to enjoy some level of success on Wii so third-parties aren’t afraid to try to establish a Nintendo audience – but at the same time maybe the third-parties have just been putting out second-rate software and deserve to get burned (more likely, I think).

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