smashbros.jpgApparently we might have jumped the gun a bit in reporting that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS hasn’t really had any progress made – apparently they began “work” on it shortly after Brawl, and they have a lot of ideas already fleshed out, even if they haven’t touched certain areas yet. Here is a rundown list:

  • Talk of creating another Smash Bros. began internally soon after the launch of Brawl
  • Iwata thought that it might not be fair to ask Sakurai to create a Smash Bros. game for 3DS after just wrapping Brawl
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising was decided as Project Sora’s first game, as a way to build up knowledge of the platform
  • Newly hired staff at Project Sora had no idea that they were coming on-board to work on a Smash Bros. game after Kid Icarus
  • Sakurai knew automatically that a new Smash would be requested for both 3DS and Wii U
  • Sakurai feels that just adding in new characters, better graphics and more stages wouldn’t be the right path for this new Smash Bros.
  • Sakurai believes a portable Smash experience allows for new ideas, but it also becomes more personal than the console experience
  • both Iwata and Sakurai said that adding an element of growing your character through in-game experience would ruin the game
  • Sakurai would like to see players build up their character on 3DS and then take them over to Wii U to show off
  • This would make the “personal” portable space and the stadium-like “public” console space mesh together
  • Wii U’s power could lead to 60 frames per second visuals, high quality graphics, dynamic effects, and smooth character movements
  • Sakurai feels the connectivity between both games is very important
  • Sakurai wants the 3DS version to be a slightly different experience than what we’re used to
  • He’d like to have players helping one-another
  • While Sakurai has headed up areas of Smash Bros. games like game balance and character strength settings, he’s hoping to have the staff take that on for these titles
  • First plans for the game’s development is basic gameplay systems of Smash Bros. X to 3DS and Wii U
  • Sakurai warns that if he can’t find the right staffers to work with, he’ll either take 5 years to make the game with a small team, or end up making just one version of the game

So one of the things I didn’t know in this, and I am sure our more Smash savvy fans have always known, is that the team behind the series is extremely small. This is what has lead to the super long development times. It had nothing necessarily to do with quality issues and making it perfect, and more to do with the fact that the team is so small it just takes forever for them to get the game simply made. He hopes to have a much bigger team this time so it doesn’t take another 5 years before we see the title, and I hope Nintendo gives it to him. For how well the series as sold, it’s a bit surprising to me that Nintendo hasn’t given them more people to make the game creation process faster. I doubt he’ll have any issue getting more members for his team this time around.

Source: Andriasang (via GoNintendo)

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