Zelda Wii ArtworkThe last major gaming conference of the year is fast approaching, and there is some widespread speculation regarding any end of the year announcements. Apparently, some people feel Zelda Wii could be one of those late announcements. Of course, this ignores the fact that Nintendo traditionally does not even participate in Tokyo Game Show. PAX is also not something Nintendo shows much in either. However, you could very well see announcements from Nintendo themselves around the time of TGS due to the fact that Nintendo holds a media summit in early October. That being said, lets get to those who want to see Zelda Wii at TGS.

The legendary creator of the series, Shigeru Miyamoto, has announced at last E3 that the Zelda team is already working on the next Zelda game for the Wii.

There are a lot of rumors about this concept art, some fans says that the strange spirit is actually Link’s sword since he doesn’t hold a sword in his right hand. Whatever Link will fight with a sword or not, am very excited about this game as I want to see what the Zelda Team will change in this beloved franchise.

This is just the reasoning that VG Arabia wants to see Zelda Wii at the show, and why it made a top 10 list of wishful thinking. Really, this means little, but I personally would love to a Zelda Wii trailer this year. Given the fact that they are rethinking the game engine due to Monster Hunter 3, I seriously doubt we see anything else about Zelda Wii this year.

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