Water Temple Coloured Lines

There was a lot of exciting news for Ocarina of Time 3D today, coming from a special invite-only press event. This lead to three features at Zelda Dungeon and others at IGN, Destructoid and G4TV. There have been a lot of announcements and impressions, so read on for my list of everything worth knowing about Ocarina’s remake that we’ve heard today, including some things we haven’t yet mentioned (such as a change to the Water Temple).

  • The Water Temple will have three different colored lines on the walls which lead players to the areas where you can change the water levels. (This change is acceptable).
  • Master Quest is mirrored (Link is right-handed), with enemies inflicting twice as much damage.
  • There will be a hint system showing clips called “visions”.
  • More details were given on the Boss Replay Challenge.
  • Navi is easily accessible with a quick touch of the touch screen.
  • People went on about stunning textures, graphics and 3D which we will all have to wait and see.
  • The touch screen item and map menus were praised by many as greatly enhancing the gameplay without slowing it down, or stopping it, like in the original version.
  • The gyroscope feature is awesome and works flawlessly. There is the option to turn it off.
  • Gameplay and story stick to the original, with only some very minor script changes to cater for new content.
  • The top screen is very uncluttered, with pretty much everything on the touch screen.
  • Master Quest Dungeons themselves remain the same as the original Master Quest.
  • And Dan Owsen is back with Nintendo of America! On the topic of the script he said ”[Nintendo] didn’t make too many changes. Usually when we release classic games, we tend to keep the original text. There might be a few places where it could have been polished up, but I think it’s good they just left it as is.”
  • + More Screenshots
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