Tingle Info Galore

Yeah, we’re aware that you’d rather be hearing all about that crazy new Wii Zelda game, but that’s too bad; instead, get ready for more information than you’ll know what to do with regarding two new titles starring everybody’s least favorite video game character ever—Tingle.

First up: the predictably-titled Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip, which, not so predictably, features a plot revolving around women. Either he’s out to get revenge on some chick who erased the season finale of America’s Next Top Model from his TiVo, or I’ve finally gained an ounce of respect for the guy. Catch a just about completely useless teaser below:

Secondly, we have the comparatively-more-normal Too Much Tingle Pack—a DSiWare title which features a collection of “handy tools.” Included is a coin-flipping application, totally conveinent because you just spent all of your money on Tingle games. Congratulations.

Man dressed up as Tingle behind the sales counter of Japanese game store

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