Tingle CosplayOk, so I had a little fun with the title, but that’s what you get when our resident Tingle News Guy is too wrapped up in knitting his future baby some epic Link clothes. Also due to him being busy with it, it allowed our arch-rival is news posting, DSCubed of The Hylia, to get to this juicy tidbit first.

So I was out on the town the last night, dressed neatly in my Tingle Halloween costume, to have few drinks with some friends and possibly inquire about some love making with the locals. Two bar fights later, and eleven, count it, eleven spilled beers later I pretty much felt that my night was at a loss. Desperate for some action, I busted out my DS which held within it an early release copy of Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love in hopes of some lady tips from my favorite hero.

Six hours later I emerged out of my hapless pile of uselessness, tears wiped away, reinvigorated in my quest. Walking down the street, noticing all my favorite establishments had called it a night (it was 5am, after all), I tripped over a woman who appeared to be taking a nap on the sidewalk. I poked her, prodded her, wanting answers for this nap time ritual. After getting no response, I knew I had to do what any good person would do. I let her borrow my balloon of which I always kept at the ready, and had her float right next to me as I took her back to my place. What happened after that… well let me just say this: Kooloo-Limpah!

As if that little five minute preview wasn’t enough… I did promise a release date right? Well, lets look at the latest Japanese commercial:

So there you have it folks. Color-Changing Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love hit store shelves in Japan on August 6th. What, the game already came out? Of course it did. We can’t be waiting on my hero forever! No announcement yet on if there will be a European or a United States release, but the safe bet is we wont be getting this gem in the states.

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