screenshot0Back in July of 2014, we got a chance to interview Eiji Aonuma at E3 and we had a quick laugh about the possibility of Tingle appearing in Hyrule Warriors. The developers of the game didn’t outright tell us he wouldn’t be in the game, so we held out hope for his inclusion. Thanks to another interview that we just uncovered from last September, our dreams have been crushed, and Tingle will likely not appear in Hyrule Warriors. The developers also talk about a potential sequel to the game.

Question: Any chance of seeing Tingle in this game?

Hayashi: Actually, Tingle was a character we kind of considered and sort of went back and forth on. We really wanted to include him but Mr. Aonuma suggested that it might be good to include some other character.

Given that this interview was given back in September, it still is possible that Tingle could be included in the Majora’s Mask DLC, but that appears unlikely at this point. Since they flat out said no in September, it would be hard to believe that they would create the character in such a short period of time. There are two characters set to be revealed from the Majora’s Mask pack, so who knows?

Q: What are the chances of us seeing a Nintendo Warriors game with characters like Mario, Samus and Kirby?

Aonuma: We believe the Hyrule Warriors collaboration works out well because the Zelda intellectual property also happens to be a very good fit with Dynasty Warriors. As far as other Nintendo IPs, some may work out and others may not so that’s something we’re still not completely certain about. If Koei Tecmo wants to propose another game idea using other Nintendo franchises, we may consider it but I can’t speak for other franchises because I’m usually involved with the Zelda games.

Q: Will there be a Hyrule Warriors 2?

Hayashi: It’s kind of hard to say because the game is quite new and hasn’t even released in the United States yet (as of this interview). We do have all kinds of updates planned for the game so we think that players will be enjoying it over a long period of time.

Having poured nearly 150 hours into Hyrule Warriors with still a LONG way to go to complete it, along with upcoming DLC, Hyrule Warriors is truly a massive game. While I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a sequel myself, I think it is unlikely.

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