Earlier this month, we reported details about Zelda Creator Con, a virtual event for artists, vendors, cosplayers, gamers, content creators, and more! Well, we’re happy to announce that tickets are now available for purchase! Tickets are only $1 USD, and you gain access to the event site for its entire duration.

Zelda Creator Con runs June 12th through June 14th, with the event featuring many talented artists from across the Zelda community. There will even be a few familiar faces from Zelda Dungeon represented during the show as well. Be sure to purchase your tickets and get ready for a fun weekend filled with all things Zelda!

You can purchase your tickets to Zelda Creator Con right here. It is suggested that you purchase your ticket ahead of time so you don’t not miss out on any of the fun happenings throughout the weekend. And please be sure to spread the word with all your Zelda-loving friends!

You can check out details from our earlier post here, and you can also learn more about our friends over at Linktober here.

Are you planning to attend Zelda Creator Con? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Zelda Creator Con

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