Gohma Defeated

These three videos come to us from IGN. The first shows off the change in the Market that occurs once Ganon takes over Hyrule in the seven years. The second and third videos are boss galleries showing all of the bosses in their newly rendered glory courtesy of Grezzo. Read on for the three videos, and it wouldn’t be Zelda Informer if there weren’t some thoughts and impressions along with them.

In the Fall of Hyrule video, the most notable change that caught my attention was that the Sage’s bridge to Gaon’s Castle is no longer a rainbow of light, but a more architecturally pleasing bridge, that you can’t jump off the sides of. The clouds above Ganon’s Tower look really cool, and I’ve mentioned it before, but the way Link’s animation runs looks really cool – somewhat reminiscent of The Wind Waker, which the whole game kind of looks like now. Lastly on the first video, the Redeads are potentially looking scarier than ever. We’ll let first time players judge that though.

All of the bosses are looking superb too, and The Phantom Ganon fight should be one to look out for with the 3D effect as he jumps out of the pictures and plays tennis, as well as Morpha’s “brain” coming towards you, and Twinrova’s attacks of fire and ice. There is potential for some great 3D effects here, and I hope they have been seized. It looks like the font used for the boss names has changed slightly as well, if anyone even cares. Unfortunately Ganon himself is being kept a surprise, with no footage to be shown. Last note is that I, for one, am in full support of the “brighter” color design choice taken by Grezzo.

Source: IGN [via GoNintendo]

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