Animator ScottFalco has made a name for himself with his animated parodies of well-known speedruns. His videos showcase the almost game-breaking madness of some speedrun mechanics, and his recent Link’s Awakening DX parody is no exception. Not only does it poke fun at the strange characters and enemies in the game, it also provides a shockingly accurate representation of the absurd Dog House Glitch that speedrunners use to skip their way to the final boss.

I’ve never seen a Link’s Awakening speedrun, so I had a good laugh watching this and experiencing the game’s speedrunning tricks for the first time. That Dog House Glitch is really interesting. I’m fascinated with those corrupted maps, so it was great seeing the gameplay compared to the animation at the end. These videos are a fun, digestible way for people who don’t usually watch speedruns to get an idea of the strategies behind them. That being said, I definitely applaud the speedrunners who were able to figure these exploits out. 

If you enjoyed this, ScottFalco has many more videos and animations related to a variety of games and television shows on his channel. This includes, of course, more speedrun parodies like a recent one he made for Ocarina of Time.

Did you like this video? Were you familiar with the Dog House Glitch before this? Let us know in the comments!

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