Liam Triforce, an up-and-coming YouTube content creator, is at it again with his latest analysis of yet another Zelda game — this time it’s The Minish Cap‘s turn. This somewhat underrated 2D Zelda game is one of my absolute favorites. It often gets overshadowed by the massive 3D platform titles, but Liam’s latest analysis video brings the Minish out of the shadows to give us new perspectives of how charming and well-rounded this little adventure is (no pun intended).

As with all of his fantastic content, Liam obviously does his homework, conveys his insights articulately, and sends us off with a well-meaning life lesson from this masterpiece of a game. I for one am planning to pick this adventure up for another play-through sooner than later after listening to his perspective. So, obviously, Liam did something right once again!

What do you think of this latest video? Do you think The Minish Cap is underrated? Let me know in the comments!

Source: Liam Triforce

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