The Legend of Zelda is the latest franchise to be satirized in JelloApocalypse’s “So This is Basically” series of animated shorts, which gives a basic overview of a series while highlighting its quirkier traditions. Of course our beloved series’ over-complicated timeline, homicidal cuccos, tedious fetch-quests, still-beating hearts hidden in grass, and fan base’s undying love of Ocarina of Time were all fair game for roasting. This long-standing series has plenty of content to poke fun at, JelloApocalypse covers it all.

This was funny, and the animation was top-notch. I especially liked the fish part; there are a surprising amount of fish characters in the series. If this video impressed, check out some more of  JelloApocalypse’s videos like his “So This is Basically” on Danny Phantom, Pokemon, Steven Universe, or Overwatch.

Did you like the video? What did you think was the funniest part? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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