Despite the disparate views on the overly ambient Breath of the Wild soundtrack, one cannot deny that there are some beautiful compositions hidden away in the latest Zelda game. And with the right interpretations, these songs can be made to sound even better. A talented group of musicians known as Grissini Project on YouTube have no doubt proved this fact by recently performing a stunning medley of Breath of the Wild music.

This medley includes the following songs from Breath of the Wild: Main Theme, On Horse (Night), Rito Village, Hyrule Castle, and Beast Ganon (Final Phase).

Grissini Project is a group of French musicians that specialize in covers and arrangements of songs heard in films, video games, and anime. Their expertise is evident in this new medley, as every member adds a crucial layer to each arrangement. The result can be best described as undeniably professional and emotionally affecting.

The group explained that the music for this piece was performed a few weeks after the game was released, but they had to delay shooting the music video due to bad weather. The delay was certainly worth it though, as the beautifully shot video only adds to the already beautiful music performed by the group. The settings chosen for the video seem ripped straight from Breath of the Wild‘s countryside.

What do you think of the medley? Do you have a favorite song from the piece? Let us know in the comments below.

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