At the time of writing this article, Breath of the Wild has roughly 28 speedrunning categories, according to Out of those 28, 17 of them are category extensions that deal with a certain goal or objective the speedrunner has to accomplish. And the newest category extension that’s been added is a rather unique one compared to the other Breath of the Wild ones, as it involves the cutest pets in the world.

Known as the “All Dogs Treasures” category, the goal of this speedrunning challenge is to feed all the dogs in Breath of the Wild. Granted, you have to feed them enough times to where they’ll help you find a hidden treasure nearby. Those who’ve played through this entire game know that this goal even includes the dog that shows up after Tarrey Town is fully built.

The Twitch video above showcases the current world record run for this category by Vivoxe, in which the completion time is 1:35:31. The runner also currently holds the world record for the “All Towers” category with a time 1:13:00. From what you can see in Vivoxe’s run, this category requires a lot of the usual tricks used in more traditional Breath of the Wild runs. Of course, giving these pups all the treats gives this category an added degree of satisfaction.

What do you think of this dog-filled speedrunning category? Would you ever try it yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: (via Polygon)

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