Liam Triforce, a content creator on YouTube known for his deep dives into his favorite video games, gives Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks some time in the limelight with this new retrospective video. These two games are often lost in the shuffle when it comes to discussions of fan favorites.

In fact, Phantom Hourglass actually gets a lot of heat for its tedious nature. Its endless and repetitive visits to the Temple of the Ocean King keep it off a lot of replay lists. However, Liam comes to shed some light on the brilliance of these two games. The video showcases the clever puzzle design tailored to the capabilities of the Nintendo DS. Because The Wind Waker is Liam’s favorite game of all time, he offers a lot of insight on how he believes these two games built upon that The Wind Waker‘s story and the overall adult side of the official timeline. As someone who has only played through these two adventures a couple of times, Liam’s analysis of them really helped me come to some new appreciation!

Liam has a way with bringing a deep sense of emotion to his retrospective videos and leaving his audience with some profound takeaways. All of them are worth watching! For more Liam Triforce, you can also drop in on one of his streams on Twitch.

What did you think of his deep dive of these two more controversial Zelda games? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Liam Triforce

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