Breath of the Wild remains to be a popular subject in the minds and hearts of Zelda fans. It has to be the biggest and most advanced title yet,  but some might think that it lacks that old “8-bit charm” that games used to have. This is a problem easily solved thanks to Loeder, a YouTube music artist who specializes in 8-bit renditions of popular game music.

This time around, Loeder bring us a nice rendition of the Hateno Village theme. This version is a bit uncanny to the original, but it’s still nice to hear the tune simplified to give us that quality 8-bit sound we grew up on. And it is still soothing to listen to as well, as you grind to earn enough rupees to buy that in-game house of your dreams.

You can hear more 8-bit Zelda covers on Loeder’s YouTube channel, including Ocarina of Time‘s Temple of Time theme and The Wand of Gamulan‘s Dordung Caveran.

Let us know what you think of this adorable song in the comments below!

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