Well dang, guys! E3’s less than a week away. Only a few days really! Another video, sort of related. This one doesn’t actually specifically talk about Zelda Wii, but rather some things that have been suggested for the Zelda series that a lot of people have been talking about. Some of them have talked about them in Zelda Wii (as is inevitable when discussing future ideas). It seemed appropriate for me to go over them.

Some of these are ideas and theories I’ve touched on in previous videos, but I thought I’d take the time to go over them all, especially since we may or may not actually see some of these in Zelda Wii in just a few days.

See if you can guess all the songs I played!

Well, what are your thoughts? Do you think everything on my list is a good idea, or all a mistake? Mixed feelings? Agree, disagree? Am I completely nuts? (Like there’s any doubt of that!) Tell me in the comments!

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