Nintendo has recently released a software update not for the Switch itself but rather for the Joy-Con controllers. To update your Joy-Cons, visit System Settings and then head to the “Controllers and Sensors” tab. Then, click on “Update Controllers” and the Joy-Cons will be updated in just a few seconds! While it is currently unknown what the update adds, there is no doubt that Nintendo will reveal that information in the future.

Source: Nintendo Everthing

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  • hii hehe

    Dude didn’t Rod JUST post what this update was for?

  • Rod Lloyd

    This joycon update is separate from the firmware update. No word on what this update is for according to our source.

  • Qun Mang

    It’s for added stability of course- DUH! 😛

  • Jebradiah Drake

    What kind of stability?

  • Qun Mang

    I’ll let you decide.

  • XNinja169

    To monitor your heart beat duuh. Seriously tho what for?

  • hii hehe

    Couldn’t that just mean that the hardware communicates separately so they had to issue two updates to two diffrrent pieces of software?

  • Kyle A Kindel

    Maybe they are adding function to that IR blaster/sensor that is on the bottom of the right joycon.

  • Brian Barrett

    the thing is, the left joycon took about 6~10 seconds, whereas my right joycon was probably like 30 seconds. hard to gauge, but significantly longer

  • hii hehe

    Lmao, they are just updatesss for the holding a glass of ice water better.