The first act of What Pumpkin’s Hiveswap, based on the hugely popular webcomic Homestuck, was released earlier this week, making good on a successful Kickstarter campaign from 2012. Set in 1994, the point-and-click adventure follows teenager Joey as her home is attacked by a horde of mysterious monsters. The game is completely steeped in mid-90’s nostalgia, making references to various video games from the SNES era, including Bubsy, Metroid, and, of course, The Legend of Zelda.

While exploring Joey’s cluttered house, players can — in true point-and-click fashion — “use” inventory items on objects found in the environment, often leading to humorous results. One such circumstance offers a little nod to Link’s Awakening.

When Joey attempts to use a carrier pigeon named Byers on her Game Boy, the in-game narration will offer this quip referencing the handheld Zelda title:

“If what they say about monkeys and typewriters is true, you surmise that Byers could eventually awaken the WIND FISH… given an infinite amount of time and AA-batteries, of course.”

The Zelda reference is small for sure, but it’s nice to see our favorite series represented in this beautiful love letter to the 1990’s. Plus, I just wanted an excuse to write about Hiveswap.

Have you played Hiveswap? Have you seen any other Zelda references in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Hiveswap

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