We are making our first march down Zora’s River in the newest campaign of Zelda Warfare, our Ocarina of Time 3D race. This cucco incursion has Mases and I collecting some more gold skulltulas and heart pieces, as well as us composing our very own Scarecrow’s Song. No campaign would be complete without us supporting the local economy, so we also buy and plant some magic beans. Who will be the first to be devoured by Lord Jabu Jabu? Check out the video to find out!

Who are you rooting for? Trailing behind in points at the start of this race, many are hoping for a #masescomeback. Meanwhile, there are some who are still on the side of #gooeydomination. Let us know in the comments who you hope to win, or who you think will win, or anything else you thought was interesting this time around. If you enjoyed this campaign, there are many more over on our Youtube channel, as well as some other great stuff!

You can find both of us not engaged in combat on Mases’ Twitter and Gooey’s Twitter.

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