YouTuber Dr.Wily recently published a new video to discuss his thoughts as to where the stables found throughout Breath of the Wild came from.

Dr.Wily begins his discussion by talking about how useful the stables are to Link in his journey throughout Hyrule. Link can get lodging for the night, board his horses there, and even learn how to capture a wild horse. With each stable being connected to every other stable throughout the land, Link can call or register a horse at his own convenience. Though it does come with a small fee of twenty rupees to help with the conservation of the stable efforts.

One thing that stands out at the stables is the Horse God effigy, which Dr.Wily presumes is supposed to honor the deity of horses, Malanya. He supposes that this effigy actually wards off monsters, as bokoblins and other such creatures seem to avoid any area that mounts the Horse God shape. Wily also points out that the stables seem to be a gathering hub for the denizens of Hyrule and a staple in its economy. He then begs the question: why do we only see them now in Breath of the Wild, and how was this group of “horse worshippers” created?

Dr.Wily looks back to when the Great Calamity invaded Hyrule and laid waste to the land. During these events, civilizations collapsed and the people of Hyrule had to take to living off the land as nomads, traveling often for safety and making use of horses for this purpose. As time progressed, the people began to make settlements again, and as such, the stables were created.

However, Dr.Wily points out that this does not suffice as an explanation as to why the folk at the stables seem to worship the Horse God. Usually, Hylians worship the three Golden Goddesses, who left the Triforce to mark their departure from the land they had created. However, when Calamity Ganon destroyed Hyrule, the Goddesses did not come to the aid of their people, as seen in previous eras, such as The Wind Waker.

Dr.Wily believes that a simple explanation to this betrayal would be to convert from one religion to another. This new religion would be based around the horses that saved them during their hardship, with Malanya as their guardian deity. They protect them from the evil that hounded them in their nomad days.

Dr.Wily elaborates on his theory by looking at the Faron region, where the ruins of what seems to be a war-like tribe can be found. He thinks that there are a few possibilities that could have led to the demise of this tribe, including the rise of Hyrule, the Great Calamity, or even the monsters that are found in the region. When Dr.Wily compares the Barbarian Armor found by Link in this region to the garb of the Horse God Malanya, he thinks that they are quite similar.

This leads Dr.Wily to believe that it is entirely possible that the last remaining members of the war-like tribe became Stable Masters. The first stable would originate close to where Malanya dwells and the rest would have gone forth and further across Hyrule, wearing garb alike to that of their Horse God. The fact that each Stable is part of a network would make sense, as each Stable Master would be a descendant of the tribe.

What do you think of Dr.Wily’s theory? Do you agree with him or do you have your own theory as to where the stables came from?  Let us know in the comments below!

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