Theory: The Golden Goddesses

Golden_GoddessesHow many fans have asked time and time again about the Goddesses of Hyrule, Din, Nayru, and Farore? Iterations of the mighty beings from the heavens seem to have been dropped from the series, to an extent, by Nintendo. They are only mentioned in a few games, and we know very little about them. YouTuber RMFH, with help from GameOver Jesse, has delved into the Goddesses’ lore, and theorized about their various appearances in the series.

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I like theories like this, because they do not have much to work with, but they have some great ideas. I have also thought a lot about the goddesses and their lack of detail in their backstory, and I must say, there is a lot that Nintendo could do with them, were they to bring them back in a future game. Perhaps Zelda Wii U will involve them somehow, and clear up some of the mysteries of their existence.

RMFH and GameOver Jesse offer loads of other Zelda theories, so check out their channels for more!

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