The one tribe that has been getting the most attention from Zelda theorists since the Breath of the Wild sequel’s initial announcement has been the Zonai tribe. This ancient and mysterious race of people has been the focal point in theories relating to Ganondorf, the Barbarian Armor set, and the Gerudo, just to name a few. From the looks of things, the lore of the Zonai is more intriguing than we could have ever thought.

One such theory comes to us from MaskedNintendoBandit which points to a possible connection that Link from Breath of the Wild has with the Zonai tribe. MNB believes that, because of the Zonai’s connection to Farore (the Goddess of Courage), they are in fact descendants of the legendary hero. This, in turn, would mean that Link is more than likely a descendant of the Zonai tribe.

According to the theorist, this would give an explanation to the Hylian Knights (like Link’s father) being tied to the Zonai in some way. Of course, this theory could make Link’s connection with Ganondorf in the upcoming sequel even stronger.

What do you think of this theory? Do you believe Link is a descendant of the Zonai tribe? Let us know in the comments below.

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