There is no weapon more iconic in the Zelda series than the Master Sword; this blade of evil’s bane has been featured in many games across the series. With such an important role, it is interesting to note that Lorule, Hyrule’s counterpart in A Link Between Worlds, does not have its own version of the Master Sword. Well, YouTube theorist Dr. Wily recently shared his ideas regarding Lorule’s Master Sword, implicating that Link and his sacred blade ultimately doomed Lorule’s future.

Dr. Wily uses the first part of the theory to provide a fairly in-depth look at the creation of the Master Sword in Hyrule, including key scenes in Skyward Sword. Originating as the Goddess Sword, Link would further forge this blade into the full-fledged Master Sword. As we all know, the blade serves as the kingdom’s only defense against demon king Demise and evil king Ganon.

The theorist then discusses the absence of a Master Sword equivalent in Lorule, asking why this land doesn’t have its own sacred sword. Dr. Wily’s explanation involves special items in A Link Between Worlds known as Master Ore. In addition to having a similar name to the Master Sword, this Master Ore is also used to upgrade Link’s sword throughout the game, implying that similar ore could have been used to forge the original Goddess Sword. The theorist asserts that a limited quantity of Master Ore was used by the Goddess Hylia to construct the Goddess Sword, which is why no Master Ore has been found in Hyrule.

Thus, Lorule does not have its own Master Sword because the Master Ore found within the kingdom was not used to make one. Instead, as seen in the game, Link uses this scarce material to upgrade his own already-existing sword. Dr. Wily ends his theory by explaining how Link used up all the available Master Ore in Lorule, thus dooming the kingdom to any future threats on par with Ganon or Demise. So, if Yuga or someone stronger were to attack Lorule in the future, the land would be defenseless, all because Link prohibited the construction of a Lorulian Master Sword.

The theory is quite interesting, especially given the dire implications for Lorule’s future. What do you make of the theory? Do you have your own views on Lorule and its missing Master Sword? Let us know in the comments!

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