Ask any Legend of Zelda fan, and they will tell you who their favorite Link is with barely a second thought. Little do they know that there might be a hidden Link who has all the power and wisdom that comes with age.

Popular theory-crafter Zeltik connects the dots for us in a recent theory video that explores the idea that Gramps in A Link Between Worlds is actually an aged and retired Hero of Legend. Most of the video discusses Gramps’ role as a hidden boss in the game, however Zeltik looks at other important details that now seem as clear as the nose on Gramps’ face. Just as theories surrounding the Hero’s Shade were eventually confirmed by Hyrule Historia, perhaps one day the Zelda team will also confirm Gramps’ identity as a legendary hero.

Could Gramps from A Link Between Worlds truly be an old Link? Share your take on this theory in the comments below!

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