The Zelda Marathon

We got a chance today to do an interview with one of the team members, Rob, of The Zelda Marathon. For those who missed our update yesterday, they are doing a nonstop Zelda marathon to raise money for charity that will runs now through the 2nd or 3rd of December.

What made you guys decide to form this marathon team?

Rob: We have all been lifelong Zelda fans, so the decision to choose this particular series was obvious. In terms of inspiration, our major inspiration to form this group was the mario marathon that took place last summer we were really inspired by them and what they did. And we loved their set up so it was the one we took most inspiration from.

So what made you choose this charity? What about this charity makes the cause worthy, as in, what does this charity do?

Rob: Well we had tried to arrange a fundraiser with this particular charity a while ago but it kind of fell through for the time being, but we had already fostered a strong relationship with them. So we came back to them and pitched the idea of a Zelda marathon and they loved it! They loved it so much that they were generous enough to let us play in the basement of their headquarters for 24 hours a day! They also have bought all of the food we need for the marathon they have been great! Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that helps match children whoa re in need of mentorship or parental figures with a mentor. It costs about $1000 to make a successful match when yout ake into account background checks, profiling etc…so that is what BBBS does!

How many times have you played through the individual Zelda games by now?

Rob: Well, I have only ever beaten them once a piece, except for ocarina of time I have defeated 3-4 times. So we did a run through of most of the games leading up to the marathon, but we are still struggling haha.

Do you have some speedrunning training routine, like “play through Ocarina once per week” or something?

Rob: We have absolutely NO speedrunning routine. We are not speed runners by any means haha. But, what we have found is our epic amounts of fail have proved to be even mor entertaining for the viewers. If we kicked ass it wouldn’t be as good!

What is your guys favorite Zelda title and why?

Rob: Ocarina of Time is Trevor and I’s favourite Zelda by far!! Followed very closely by Wind Waker.

Are you planning on any future Zelda marathons? Maybe hit up the handheld market?

Rob: We have no future Zelda marathons planned as of now. Maybe we will try to make it an annual thing? We were tossing around the idea of doing like an interactive EA sports marathon or something we think that could have potential….but in terms of followers and dedication Zelda has been EPIC. So many dedicated viewers and fans! So it is really up in the air at this point as to where our future lies!

Spirit Tracks is coming out right around the corner, any thoughts on it?

Rob: Trevor plans on buying Spirit Tracks, I unfortunately do not have a DS ๐Ÿ™ But that game looks incredible! Trevor is interested as to how the partnership aspect of the game is going to work and how the train factors in to everything.

Any expectations for the Zelda Wii installment?

Rob: My expectation for the nextZelda Wiii installment is that it will abbbbbbbbsolutely own! I mean, come on? It has been in production for so long and is the first Zelda officially designed from the ground up to work on Wii. Plus I think Miyamoto has exciting things planned for the wii motion plus that I am so stoked for!!! I want to have full control over the sword ๐Ÿ™‚

Be honest now, when it comes to fan sites, what site is your favorite and why?

Rob: ZeldaInformer obviously ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys have been amazing to us and we love ya’ll so much we even donated to keep your server up and running! We couldn’t do this marathon without the support of sites such as ZI.

Any thing else you would like cover before we part? Favorite food, sport, are you single, what it’s like getting hit in the face with a whip cream pie, etc

Rob: Haha, Favourite sport is hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs are my team! Keep tuned in to see if we hit our goal! And tune in tonight @ 9 to see Dave get a “Z” shaved in his hair!

Be sure to check out The Zelda Marathon’s official site and watch a bunch of guys having a good time in the name of Zelda and charity.

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