Fake Ocarina of Time 3DS Box Set

Simply stunning isn’t it? A fabulous 3DS box set including a Zelda skinned 3DS, Ocarina of Time 3DS and Link’s Awakening pre-installed. The only bad thing, well, it’s not real. This beauty was created by deviantART user wasa-bi-redux, but I don’t see his idea as too far out there. If we’re lucky we might see a bundle very similar to this come from Nintendo. Personally, I really hope that we do. Will it look this awesome though? That’s unlikely.

wasa-nin-redux’s redesign of the classic game logo and completely new boxes creates a feel for the games that I will dub as, simply, ‘epic’. I’d love to see similar redesigns in the actual Ocarina of Time 3DS artwork and boxes to help build that feel that this isn’t just something we’ve all seen before. Be sure to check out this guys gallery which includes plenty of other custom Zelda packaging designs, as well as some other games.

Source: Kotaku

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