Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for zeldabestedge.jpgWhether you like it or not, Ocarina of Time is still the number one rated game of all time. Ahmad Dajani of UG Arabia has devised a list of potential ideas required to relieve Ocarina of Time from its title: an

orchestrated soundtrack, higher difficulty level, darker story, voice acting, an

open ended structure instead of the age old “collect these objects from these

dungeons in this order”, and lastly integrating some RPG elements, including a

level up system.

6. Fully orchestrated soundtrack:

“When you play a game for more than 40 hours, it is very important for the gamer to hear a good soundtrack when he is playing the game for a long time, as you will hear most of the tracks over and over again.”

I agree with this a hundred percent. Orchestrated music is exponentially better than the classic video game bleeps and boops.

5. Make the game harder:

“Zelda games has never been known for its difficulty, but if you have played OOT, you may have noticed that Nintendo has been tuning down the difficulty for every Zelda game released after OOT.”

I personally know people, who when they picked up Twilight Princess, they could not even get through the first dungeon. People who have been playing Zelda since the beginning have grown accustomed to its style of puzzle and way of thinking. I’m not saying Zelda is was too difficult, but many games employ difficulty levels that can be changed.

4. Make the story darker:

“When you travel through time to the future in OOT and you see how the game world is in the verge of destruction, you feel responsible for saving the people and the world they live in.”

A darker story does usually draw people in, but don’t get that confused with too many dark settings. Hyrule field was still a bright and exciting place in Ocarina of Time.

3. Voice acting:

“Just give the supporting characters voices and keep Link silent if you (Nintendo) fear that Zelda fans will go against giving Link a voice, like how Lionhead did in the Fable series.”

This has long been debated by many fans. Personally, I wouldn’t mind it as long as it was done well.

2. Make the game more Open-ended:

“If you played one Zelda game you know exactly what to expect. You will see the same structure design; you beat a dungeon, then you will search the game world for someone or an item to progress in the story.”

More side-quests, more freedom…who wouldn’t want that? Each play through would be a unique experience and I could put off the wind temples for a later date.

1. More RPG elements:

“I know that Zelda is an action-adventure game, but imagine if the Zelda team integrated a level up system like the one in Fable 2. I don’t feel like Zelda games really encourage players to toy around with the combat. It would be nice if the next one permitted more experimental combat.and you will repeat the same process over and over again.”

I really didn’t care for the level up system in Adventure to Link while others loved it. I would prefer Zelda stuck to the non-leveling system and certainly stay away from anything to do with turn-based combat.

Dethrone Ocarine Turn Based.jpg

Joking aside, too many RPG elements might turn many fans away.

The Complete List.

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