E3 is already over a week past, and news is still streaming out of the

summit as sites finally get around to posting their exclusive

interviews and the information held within them. Miyamoto is always a

hot ticket interview, and this time around he had the chance to sit

down and chat with the staff at Gamespot. Watch the interview inside.

Miyamoto admits that he is the only one pushing hard for Wii Motion Plus to be included in Wii Zelda, and that things like the Wii Balance Board and Vitality Sensor are not really things that lend good innovation to the series. He also goes on to say he doesn’t view Zelda as an adventure game, but more so an experience. Obviously, they delve into other topics as well such as the new Mario games, and they even end the segment by talking about Metroid: Other M. Pretty interesting stuff. We look forward to more information from our Zelda creator down the road.

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