With the semi-recent release of Wii Sports Resort, many people have been wondering how Motion Plus can be integrated into Zelda, especially seen it is the very thing that may be delaying the release of Zelda Wii. Brian Bentley shared his ideas over at Aggro Gamer, but there is so much more potential in Motion Plus. Nintendo can improve the current gameplay of Zelda through the advanced motion controls, or they could tailor a completely new adventure for Motion Plus.

I for one was very impressed with Wii Sports Resort. For such a simple and casual game, it does provide hours of fun with an experience new to the world of home gaming. Some of the sports themselves show direct use of the Motion Plus that can be implemented into Zelda. Swordplay, Archery, Frisbee and even Power Cruising supply us with ideas of what Motion Plus can do for Zelda.

Swordplay Wii Sports Resort

It’s obvious that motion plus can enhance the swings of Link’s sword, but it also can make fighting more realistic by being able to defend with the sword. As seen in the Swordplay game, angling your sword in the correct direction can defend against enemies’ sword blows. A small and simple addition like this to Zelda Wii could enhance sword fighting greatly, let alone make it more realistic.

Look at the Frisbee game; it demonstrates a technique of throwing that, with a few adjustments, would be a great control for the Boomerang. As for archery, there’s potential to use a similar technique there in Zelda, although the remote is in the left hand for that game, with the nun-chuck in the right. Even Power Cruising has its implications. Think of steering a bombchu along the ground like a little car.

Keep in mind that each of these sports is an individual mini-game, so weaving such vast controls into an epic adventure may be a bit of a challenge, but is by no means undoable. A concern some have though, about Motion Plus, is recalibration. Will they be in the middle of a boss fight and then a “please recalibrate your remote message comes up”? That is something you’ll have to wait and find out.

Of course, ideas like these would make for an interesting Zelda game, but honestly, this isn’t the type of stuff I want to see. It can be implemented as a small part, but there is much more Nintendo can do. Instead of improving the old, let’s have some more of the new. Unique items, like the Spinner from Twilight Princess, should be introduced. Ones that are specifically designed for Motion Plus.

Archery Wii Sports Resort

Surely Nintendo is able to think of new great items, as no one other than them knows the full capabilities of Motion Plus. Let’s hope that Zelda Wii is a game that doesn’t just build on the old, but advances to the new. There’s an abundance of potential for Nintendo to really make Zelda Wii a success in using Motion Plus, but likewise, there is a great possibility for them to disappoint.

The key is not to rush. Whatever Nintendo has in store, us fans should be willing to wait. Zelda Wii needs to be something different, and sitting on a saddle with some minor improvements to the Wii remote won’t quite cut it. There is plenty more Motion Plus can give, yet unknown and undiscovered, but for sure, if rightly done, Motion Plus can make Zelda Wii one hell of an adventure, plus some more.

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