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As Ganondorf and the King of Hyrule confront each other in the submerged land of Hyrule, one is consumed by the past while the other embraces the future. The game uses symbolic language and imagery to identify the true natures of these two men. One is a stone, and the other is a tree.

Memory of the past weighs on Ganondorf’s mind, cursing him with hopelessness, regret, and homesickness. Upon dying, his body turns to stone, symbolizing the dead weight in his soul and the fruitlessness of his existence. Ganondorf is a forsaken fortress.

The latest entry in Hylian Dan’s “The Philosophy of The Wind Waker” is now available for your reading pleasure. The finale of his five part series for Zelda Universe will be released April 4th. No word as of yet regarding a release date for the SparkNotes version.

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