Metroid and Link, They Belong TogetherBefore you get your panties in a bunch: No, Zelda Informer is not about to become a Metroid site. No, Metroid Informer hasn’t happened, however small steps have been made for the good of all that is known as Metroid. We have opened a new forum in our community boards to encompass the Metroid fan base. From this new forum, the concept of creating our own Metroid Wiki has spawned, however the Wiki is not live as of yet, so keep your giddiness at bay. Still, the wild popularity of such a series has indeed breached ZI, and only greatness can come of it. So want to chat about Metroid? Looking for people who are just as crazy about Samus as you are? Then we have the perfect board for you.

Also, I have cleaned up the broken links, and made a minor change, to The Legend of Zelda section. All content should work, but feel free to report any broken links. Next content section to fix? The Adventure of Link. Stay tuned folks. Exciting things are happening.

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