By Hylian Dan (Dan Merill)

Foreword by Dathen Boccabella

It’s no doubt that for an article to be great, it needs to be timeless. Sure, you can apply that philosophy to much more than just articles – Ocarina of Time comes to mind – but The Message of Majora’s Mask does exactly that. Hence why we always bring it back to everyone’s attention at least once a year!

Almost 11 years after Majora’s Mask, and several since the release of this article, it still holds true as the “one Zelda article to rule them all”. I can assure you that it won’t ever get old. So whether you’ve read it all before, there’s plenty more to be gained from a new read through – even if they’re just memories – and if you haven’t, this is your chance to learn what all of the hype is about. This very article remains to this day one of the most popular pages on our entire website, and its no wonder – who doesn’t want to understand the mysterious of Ikana Canyon, and the whole enigma that is Majora’s Mask.

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