Legend of Zelda 3DThere have been efforts in the past for fans remaking older Zelda games. The last time we talked about converting a 2D Zelda game to 3D, it dealt with Link’s Awakening 3D. This time around, a zelda fan named Radix was playing around with Standard Waiver’s Engine and recreated half of the first dungeon in the original The Legend of Zelda. Apparently, he plans to finish the dungeon, do the overworld, and possibly even finish converting the entire game into 3D.

There is presently a demo available for first half of the first dungeon, and all you can really do is stab a few enemies. Still, it’s fairly fluid and overall doesn’t even look that bad. We will continue to follow this project and keep everyone updated as it goes alone.

Demo Download: http://sharebee.com/19a94501

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