It’s been awhile since a good old fashion rumor has spurred about our

favorite gaming franchise. So long in fact, that I was almost ready to

let my facial hair grow out until we heard something that is possibly

credible. Well folks, get ready for a possibly true but most likely

false rumor on the next Zelda title.

Reportedly IGN was presented a drawing at a tiny press conference in Tokyo when they asked about the new Zelda title. That is apparently where the discussions ended on Zelda, but Eiji Aonuma was supposedly the person to present the drawing.

Legend of Zelda: Dancing Link

The words are Zelda: Ordoru no Link – or in english – Zelda: Dancing Link. As you can see the image and words suggest a dancing mechanism in the next Zelda, which would seem to suggest a much more casual type of Zelda in the likes of Phantom Hourglass.

Obviously, this is entirely speculation, and the image could just be one of several concepts. Eiji could easily have been putting this out there to give us all something to talk about. Hey, at least it’s a rumor that appears to come from the lead developer of the next Zelda installment.

We shall see folks, but for my sanity I pray this isn’t true. Really a dancing fairy boy? I guess the world really is changing and I don’t like it one bit.

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