The Legeng of NeilAhh yes, The Legend of Neil. How I adore thee, fairy sex and all. The often times hilarious spoof of a guy sucked into the original Legend of Zelda game has been getting attention from everywhere, and sadly season 2 is almost at a close. A few days ago episode 6 was released, leaving just the season finale to come with an apparent epic showdown with… Darknut.

Do not fret: Neil does not yet have all the Triforce parts and surely a season 3 is due to come at some point this winter. Still, I’m gonna miss these 5 to 10 minute episodes until they return. Of course, they have to go away to be missed, and at this point it’s not something I have to actually deal with. In fact, this latest episode, to me, was one of the best yet. Link finally gets the White Sword and Wizrobe… just take the jump inside to watch the episode for yourself.

Legend of Neil, Season 2, Ep. 6

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