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According to French site Live Wii, The Last Story has been confirmed for release in Europe. While we’re not sure if that means elsewhere such as North America and Australia, it does show some progress.

I ran the French news through Google Translate, which we know isn’t the best – but it gives a decent idea of what’s being said. Read on for the translated text.

Good news never comes alone, after the ticket here on Xenoblade Chronicles, we go on to another big RPG on the Wii in recent months, namely The Last Story supervised by Hironobu Sakaguchi himself. If he did not have the same privileges of rave reviews about it, the RPG from Mistwalker has nevertheless managed to unite a lot of people thanks to its intrinsic qualities and skills of the creator.

Grosse given so far in the unknown, the European release has been implicitly confirmed by Sakaguchi himself Gameblog our colleagues on the occasion of his recent visit to Paris. Indeed, if you follow the Sieur via Twitter, you probably know that he recently offered a short trip in the French capital and he was pleased to photograph a little everything crossed. But this is not the subject since the confirmation of the location from the creator of jeui itself, there remains now little room for doubt.

It also joins us our sources indicated that the location of the game would begin after those Xenoblade Chronicles and Dragon Quest VI completed and that a possible release early 2012 was possible, priority year-end is a link and Skyward Sword.

Suffice to say that the news of the Wii started well and that their week ascension good news is surely to be expected, E3 is fast approaching.

Source: Live Wii

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