With two updates in a row on the same game I think many of you can tell that I have been following this game like a hawk lately. A massive slew of new details about the game have been released, and among them is the fact the game will not use motion controls in the slightest. This is just further proof of something Nintendo stated way back in 2006 when the Wii debuted: Motion Controls are optional, and by no means should they be forced upon your game just because they exist.

Along with that nugget comes a lot more, such as Nintendo having been directly involved with the development of the game, including providing people to work on it with Mystwalker, as well as naturally help fund the project. Think of it, it seems, more of like when Nintendo and Team Ninja worked on Metroid: Other M. Except this is a completely new IP and originally thought of and crafted by Mystwalker, which is a independent third party company. Here are the rest of the juicy details:

  • Dolby Pro Logic II compatible
  • from the options menu, you can select mono, stereo and DPLII
  • during command mode you can switch the button for executing the command between up or down
  • this support was added because a girl with small hands in the Mario Club debugging unit suggested it
  • destroyed map objects like bridges and pillars are automatically repaired
  • think of these as attack gimmicks rather than background elements
  • view “pointer” lines indicating who the enemies are targeting
  • change the settings for these lines: off, shown only when Elza has executed his Gathering move, shown always, show pointers for both enemies and allies
  • Elza can use his wind magic to spread the effects of Magic Circles
  • Magic Circles can also be spread through jump slash and vertical slash
  • 16 save slots
  • “chuudan save” feature for when you want to stop play and come back later
  • chuudan save is auto saved
  • this will start you back at the previous load point
  • no Wiimote shake controls
  • game will auto switch controls when you plug in a Classic controller
  • camera can be controlled with the right stick
  • flip the camera controls around if you want
  • Sakaguchi likes to play using his LEGO Wiimote and Nunchuk
  • in multiplayer sessions, you can set your name using up to 8 alphabetic characters
  • does not use Wiimote speaker
  • Sakaguchi says The Last Story on another platform isn’t possible because his team worked so closely with Nintendo to create the game
  • strengthen your weapons and equipment by taking them to a special shop in town
  • Elza’s bow gun can be strengthened to increase its basic damage parameter
  • variety of bow types for the bow gun
  • Elza’s arrows for his bow gun are infinite
  • other bow gun ammo is not infinite
  • more videos coming showing Sakaguchi playing the game

As it says at the end, there will be direct game play videos coming out soon showing off the game. On January 20th we’ll get to see Gathering. On the the 22st we’ll get to see the battle system in action. Lastly on the 24th they will show off Ruli City. The hype for this game is going to continue to rise, so lets just hope Nintendo and Mystwalker are successful in Japan, as that could directly relate to whether or not the game sees a western release. Please, don’t “earthbound” us this time Nintendo.

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