The History of Nintendo - Brawl in the FamilyI love comics. I love fan comics. I love video games. I love video game related fan comics. Thus, it’s only natural that I love Brawl in the Family, right?

I’ve been reading these comics for a while now, so upon the release of this video I felt the need to share. It is Brawl in the Family’s 400th comic, The History of Nintendo! Drawn, sung, and written by Matthew Taranto. It mostly follows US releases, but it’s a fun video that many will think back on for.

I like the ending when he speeds up and says the titles of many major games. I even included the lyrics if you want to sing along. It’s a nerdy song.

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Just sit back and relax, my friend.

Today’s lesson won’t take too long.

And to make it more interesting,

It takes the form of this nerdy song.

The year is 1889,

Before the accolades and awards.

Nintendo got its start

From making hanafuda cards.


For a century, they grew and planned

To discover just what sells.

Making vacuums and Ultra Hand

And love testers and love hotels.

But they soon zeroed in on games

Like the Game & Watch and Color TV.

In ‘81, they made Donkey Kong,

And the rest is history.



1985: Future stars like Link and Samus, and portly plumbers hit the scene.

‘89: All our mothers took our Game Boys to play Tetris on that tiny screen.

‘91: Super Mario World taught us we could fly while riding dinosaurs.

‘94: Virtual Boy had us seeing red, returning systems to their stores.


‘96: Let’s-a go with Mario to new horizons…

‘98: PokĂ©mania caught our hearts and dollars too.

2001: The GBA and GameCube lost some marketshare that day.

But we still loved to play Smash Bros. Melee…!


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